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Discover Why the Trinity Method Is the Key for Christian Women to Transform Their Physique 

The Three Pillars of the Trinity Method Are:

  • Secure Identity in Christ - To put an end to the struggle with motivation by developing unshakable confidence and hope through your secure identity and Christ  
  • Emotional Health  - To get rid of emotional eating, and unwanted habits by getting  a healthy relationship with food and processing emotions with God  
  • Key Habits - To put an end to yo-yoing and be able to partner with God in His grace and power on your journey because your transformation rests in His love, not your willpower (or lack there of) 

[Hint: If any one of these is missing the scale is never going to be your friend]

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The dieting industry does NOT want to help women reach a healthy weight because their profits rely on it....but that changes for you today 

Are you tired of diets that don't deliver results? 

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And the good news is, it doesn't involve cutting out entire food groups, unrealistic workouts, or supplements....  

It is about getting healthy inside and out in a God-centered approach

What You Will Discover:

  • Freedom from feeling trapped in your body to seeing how faith has been a missing link on your fitness journey (This shift will keep you motivated and consistent, and you can apply it immediately!) 
  • Uncover the 3 KEYS to the Trinity Method that are missing from standard approaches. These are the areas you NEED to address in order to lose weight and keep it off. (This unique method makes it possible to get lasting results because you are tapping into the power of God) 
  • How to take on a God-centered appraoch to get TRUE TRANSFORMATION from a fitness professional, and break down the complete approach that gets results and keeps God at the center  

This God-centered approach makes it possible for women to get to their goal dress size,and stay there permanently.... even if it seemed impossible at the beginning

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Women of God: You Deserve to Live a Long, Purpose-filled Life Full of Energy and Confidence!

Meet Your Trainer and Guide:

Jessica Hoeffner


When Jessica was a personal trainer, she loved helping her clients,  


When even she told people especially women at church what she did there was this shame and guilt that would show up. They would start to tell me how disappointed I would be in them and tell me about why they didn't diet .  

This was all during the little meet and greet during service...  

It was heartbreaking to see and hear women do full of shame.  

She knew this was not what God had in store for His daughters...  

This lead Jessica to create a gracious approach that kept God at the center and really addressed the deeper issues that lead to those unwanted pounds for reappearing  This made her invest a lot of money and countless hours in educating herself:  

đź”…Getting a BS Exercise Science, and an MS in Heath Science
đź”…Certifications including healthy eating, health coach, human movement specialist
đź”…Studying psychology and neuroscience in books, research labs and courses
đź”…Hours of emotional health classes, workshops, books and podcasts  
đź”…Years of sermons, following God, reading the Bible, commentaries, books, and discipleship...    

To craft a God-centered system for Christian women to get lasting results that gets rid of the shame. Jessica has developed this system so you can transform your habits, lose weight and press into your real identity.  

 Jessica wants to help you to uncover the real keys you need to focus on to be the confident, energetic, UNSTOPPABLE woman of God.  

She cannot wait for you to discover this unique God-centered framework that has helped 100s of other women transform their physique. 

This Approach is About Helping Women Be Unstoppable With God...  See For Yourself in This Free Masterclass 


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